Solar Systems

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 10 years in the solar/electrical business.
  • We carry all insurances.
  • We only use American made products!!
  • Other company’s use us as their installers (they sub out the job to us!!)
  • We can save the customer 20% – 30% of the system cost.
  • We give 25 years warranty.
  • All work with permits. Rated A+ with BBB
  • Member of the “California league of homeowner”.
Why Now:

  • Today and only for a short time the rebates will pay up to 40% of system cost.
  • We have extra panels in stock and we can give you a discount. (first come first take.)
  • You can use the tax credit.
  • You can use the utility company rebate to pay off part of the system.
  • It’s time to start save some money and stop pay the utility company.
  • If you need finance – interest rate are at a historical low – it is the best time to apply for a loan.
Benefits of solar:

  • Eliminate your electrical bill.
  • Save thousands of dollars.
  • Create your own power for free.
  • Become energy independent.
  • Protect yourself against energy rate hikes.
  • Raise your property value.
  • Life time warranty.
  • Government will pay up to 40% of system.


Solar energy systems

Solar energy is a relatively recent technology, but there are already hundreds of ways for regular consumers to take advantage of its futuristic benefits. No longer must you feel like your power is a distributed at the whims of a distinctively remote corporation whose inner workings are obscure, now you can liberate your property and those who use it. Here’s a quick primer on how it works and what you can get out of it.

The unit you’ll install above your home or office could take a multitude of forms, but all solar energy systems share a few basic components. The panels, the heart of a solar energy system, are comprised of a special matrix of electrically active materials that create current in the presence of sunlight. Power cabling and circuitry transports electricity to wall outlets and ensures that it matches the requirements set by the mainline.

The solar cells that make up your panel unit are easily mounted on regular roofs, but many homes take advantage of high walls to place smaller solar panels in sunny locations. As a general rule, your solar panels will generate electricity all year as long as they are facing the southern hemisphere. These extremely broad restrictions make solar power accessible for homeowners all over California.

Solar power has other benefits too. The government is extremely interested in creating a more sustainable domestic energy policy, and many of their efforts start right in your backyard. To encourage the adoption of clean solar systems, the IRS offers a 30% Federal Tax Credit that really takes any bite out of the initial install costs. Many power companies buy back extra energy, allowing you to profit.

While installs do represent one of the largest investments in your new solar energy unit, the fact that solar energy still pays back three times the initial cost is very appealing. Homeowners aren’t the only people benefiting from a financially accommodating solar plan, however, retail businesses, factories and apartments all cash out.

Most good solar companies will do your rebate paperwork for you, and if that’s not enough, your new panels will play a huge part in making the environment a bit more welcoming for future generations. Solar energy is totally clean; unlike foreign or domestic fossil fuels, it creates no byproducts. With systems that last for decades, reduce power bills and help ordinary homeowners make a fortune without doing anything but live in their houses, solar energy systems are the way to go.



You have made the right decision to go green, but now the next question is who to choose? Why should you choose Southland Electrical Contractors Inc to install your solar power? Why would a client choose us as their solar installer?

To start with, unlike other companies, we never use sub-contractors. With a registered architect, a registered structural engineer, installation crews and a trained and licensed contractor, there is no need to subcontract. Our qualified staff takes pride in their work and ensures quality energy systems. These professionals will take surveys and assessments and ensure that your solar power is both efficient and has an aesthetically pleasing design.

We even go the extra mile by completing the entire rebate and permit paperwork for our satisfied clients. Homeowners do not need to spend their precious time deciphering and completing paperwork. Let us handle that for you.

There are countless testimonies of satisfied customers. Customers see drastic reductions to their energy bills. They find our team to be hardworking, flexible, kind, honest, helpful and knowledgeable about their trade.

All of our equipment is made in the United States. Our work is guaranteed for 10 years and our panels are guaranteed by a 25 year warranty. Of course, every project will be done properly with permits and up to all current codes for green energy and basic building codes using the latest technology available. We are a Sunpower authorized dealer which guarantees a commitment to excellence and allows customers to participate in the Sunpower authorized financing services program.

You should choose to install panels to reduce global warming and dependence on foreign oils, to reap three times your initial investment, because the panels are silent and free from pollutants and you will receive 30% tax credit for the initial investment. Choose to use our company for our all-inclusive proposals and completed paperwork, our professional, qualified and committed staff, our work and material guarantees, a history of satisfied customers and available financing services. With such a reputable company that you can trust, why choose someone else. Become another satisfied customer and make us your solar installer today.